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Three ideas for reinventing your sound logo


Your sound logo is a valuable asset that you can use in your branding campaigns for years and years. But as your brand evolves, so can your sound logo – and it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to create an entirely new one. If the core part of your sound logo works, refresh it instead.


Here are some ways you can do just that:


1. Turn it into music

Your sound logo may be just a short sequence of notes, which work great when tied in with your visual logo. But one way of reinventing it is to create a full music track from it, using your sound signature as a base.


Bring in a composer and ask him or her to compose, say, a 1 minute track using the core notes of your sound logo as the melody, adding subtle variations to the melody as the track progresses. Or perhaps play your core notes with a different rhythm. Then, for consistency, return to your original sequence in the end.


Also ask the composer to provide condensed versions of the track – say, 30, 20, 10 and 5 second versions – for maximum flexibility.


And all of a sudden, you have an entirely new way of using your sound logo, namely as background music for your advertising or other branding projects going forward. It’ll reinforce your sound logo, but in a discreet way.


2. Remix it

Your logo probably has a distinct sound to it, perfected during the creation of the inital sound logo. But if you want to liven it up, remixing it in a different style can be a brilliant way of keeping it relevant and up-to-date.


Is a certain music genre trending with your targeted audience? Get a version of your sound logo in that genre. Are your visuals changing dramatically from your initial branding material, or are you launching a campaign with a new mood or style? Adapt your current logo to go with that so the sonic side is in sync with the rest of your materials.


You can even do these remixes once a year or at different intervals to keep it sounding current and new while still retaining that motif you’ve spent time establishing.


3. Remove layers

When you’re launching your sound logo, it can often be a good idea to include a spoken snippet that includes your brand name or tagline. This makes the listener connect and associate it with your brand.


But as your audience becomes familiar with your sound logo, however, having this spoken bit may be ‘stating the obvious’ – they’re well aware of who you are just from the melodic content.


In that case it’s time to trim the voice-over from your sound logo, leaving just the core notes, melody or your signature sounds to carry your sonic brand.


It’ll sound fresh and will still represent your brand, only in a new, more elegant and subtle way.




Just as the world around you changes, so should your sound logo evolve. And as you can see, there are several ways to reinvent your sound logo without having to resort to doing a new one from scratch.


The good thing about this approach is that you retain the connection you’ve established with your audience, while showing that you’re growing and changing alongside them.

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