Here is how you can use music to promote your content

Music is a powerful tool to have in your marketing toolbox – but how exactly can you use it to promote your content, set the tone and get your message across?
I’ve written a guest post on just that over at publicity expert Joan Stewart’s blog, The Publicity Hound.

When you’re compiling your marketing or promo material, my guess is that finding some great music isn’t at the top of your to-do list. I’m a composer myself, and I know from experience that music is very often added at the very last minute. Sometimes almost as an afterthought.
And that’s a real shame, because music is an incredibly powerful tool to make your message heard.
In the following I’ll give you some ideas on how it can really enhance your promotional materials.

In the post, I’m sharing tips on how you can use music and sound logos to great effect in your videos, presentations and seminars, on your website, in podcasts – and how you can use it to build your personal brand.
Read the full guest post on using music in your marketing here!

Posted by Asbjoern on December 10, 2012 - Contact

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