How to get an inspired sound logo for your brand

How to get an inspired sound logo for your brand


If you’re planning on getting a sound logo – or audio logo – for your brand or business, congratulations! You’re well on your way to adding an incredibly useful tool to your marketing kit.


But how exactly does your brand sound?


Your chosen composer will work with you to figure that out – but the more precise information you can provide about your brand and audience, the better the end result is going to be.


Here are some of the details you can provide to help fuel your composer’s imagination and get you the sound you need:


1. Your existing marketing materials

Seeing the visual material for your brand is immensely helpful in working out your sound. Provide any logos, animations and other material which is vital to the visual side of your brand.


If you don’t have any material – say, you’re reworking your branding material, or you’re just getting started on it – try to find images that convey the mood, tone, colors or message you’re looking to communicate with your brand.


You can use stock photos, or simply do a Google image search. Compile a selection of images that you feel show what your brand is about, and show them to your composer. I’m a composer myself, I can tell you that having something to look at for reference during the creative process can be really useful in keying in on the right sound.


Perhaps you already have certain sounds or music you use in connection with your branding. Pass on this information to your composer to ensure that you get a sound logo that gels in with your existing sound branding material.


2. Keywords about your brand

Try to think of a few keywords that sum up what your brand is about. These can be a good guideline for what the sound logo should convey. Examples could be words like elegant, modern, futuristic, technological, organic, human, serious, fun etc.


3. Your target audience

Knowing who you’re targeting is key in getting the style right. Is your brand and message aimed at young people? Men? Women? Basically let your composer know the general makeup of your target audience – and of you have any data on their preferences, pass that on too.


4. Your target platform

Ideally, you’ll want to use your sound logo in as many places as possible. But perhaps you’ll primarily be using it within a specific platform or medium? Let your composer know about this, as this can affect how the sound logo is structured.


5. References

Perhaps you’ve heard a sound logo that you really like – and sounds similar to what you have in mind for your own sound logo? If so, do let your composer know about it. Sound is an abstract concept, and often times it’s much easier to simply find an audio example, rather than trying to describe what you want in words.



I hope this has given you some ideas on what information your composer will find useful to create a fantastic-sounding sound logo for your brand.

And if you can’t provide all of the above; don’t worry. Provide what you can, and your composer can take it from there.




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