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5 Tips To Create A Memorable Brand Identity

Build your brand identity

Over at Smashing Apps, Chris Peterson shares five ways to build your brand:

Today, consumers are almost overwhelmed by visuals. Whether driving down the highway, watching a television program, surfing the Internet, or shopping for groceries, consumers come across multiple brands during most daily activities. So is it even possible for a company to create a brand identity that will be remembered even after consumers encounter it?
The good news is that, yes, creating a memorable brand identity is entirely possible with lots of research, thought, and consideration for today’s technology. The following 5 tips are some of the most important for making sure that the brand you build is one that not only stands out but that consumers remember anytime they are in need of your products or services and can access from anywhere.


You can read Chris’ post on building your brand identity here. Oh, and sound is missing from his list – so be sure to check out the posts on this site for tips on making that part of your marketing toolbox :)

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