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Looking for sound for your project? Do not rely on keywords to get what you want

If you’re looking for sound for your project – be it music or a sound logo – you’ll often describe what you’re looking for with keywords. But you could end up missing the mark entirely if you just rely on those keywords to getting you the right sound.
I’ve written a guide on why they don’t work on their own, and what you should do to get the sound you want:

A recent music competition really hammered home why references are critical in getting the sound you’re after.
In the design brief for the competition, the client outlined what they wanted and gave the following keywords for what the project – and thus, the music – was going to be like:
Stylish, laid-back, cool, beautiful, funny, seductive, chill, modern, gripping, possibly a little provocative, adventurous, brave, trendy and spellbinding
That’s quite a handful!
There were more than 600 entries in the competition, with many composers struggling to meet the client’s requirements.
And the end result: Around 500 out of the 600 entries were deemed not to fit the brief.

Read on to find out what you need to do to find the right sound for your project here.

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