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Use your sound logo to brand your product

Product Sound Logo

Integrating your sound logo into your physical product(s) is a fantastic branding opportunity. Take the famous Nokia tune, for instance. According to Nokia themselves, it’s being played back on devices an estimated 1 BILLION times a day – all around the world, and in all sorts of contexts.
That’s a LOT of exposure for a brand. And what’s more, it not only makes the owner of your product connect and identify with the sound of your brand, it also broadcasts the sound logo to the product owner’s surroundings.
Think of the money, time and effort it would take to reach such a massive audience through traditional means.
Build in your sound logo as the start-up sound of your product, or trigger it at certain events such as messages, wake-up sounds, notifications and/or other situations where the user interacts with your product.
The clever thing about sound in this context is that, even though your product may not be visible, it can still be used for branding.

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