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Using your sound logo in television advertising

Integrating your sound logo into your television advertising is a great way of cementing it as your sound to your target audience.
In general, the benefits to having your sound logo go along with your television adverts are many:
1. Using your sound logo along with your visual branding engages both the sense of sight and sense of hearing with your target audience
2. It ensures recognition even when the viewer isn’t directly paying attention to your advert. Your brand sound is also being broadcast to those who are not actively watching your advert.
3. It’s a great platform for establishing your brand sound, making it recognizable on other mediums as well.
4. Once your sound logo has been properly established with your target audience, you can run spots without any clear visual branding, and use remixes of your sound logo – while retaining its core elements – throughout your spot to drop aural clues about your brand.
When launching your sound logo, consider having your company name or tagline spoken alongside with it to strengthen the connection between your brand and the sound logo. In time, you can phase out the spoken segment once the sound logo has become established as your signature sound.

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