What is a sound logo, and how can you use it?

A sound logo – or audio logo – is the conerstone in building the aural side of your brand. But what exactly is it, and how can you use it in your branding?



What is a sound logo?

A sound logo is a short signature sound that, within a very brief timespan, makes your target audience identify your brand through sound.


It is often melodic, but not necessarily so – it can also be a signature sound with a specific rhythm, or a sound effect, and it can have dialogue included as well.


A sound logo is often used alongside visual branding, such as your logo, to reinforce the link between the sound and your other branding materials.


One benefit of a sound logo is that it can reach your audience when they’re not paying attention to your visual branding, and it can also be used in contexts where no visual branding is possible, such as audio-only situations like podcasts, radio commercials and similar.


Essentially, it’s a trademark sound snippet that you’ve chosen as your aural fingerprint for your brand, and that you use consistently throughout your marketing materials.


Sound logo examples


Check out this video below for examples of sound logos from a wide range of brands:




Where can you use a sound logo?


A sound logo can be integrated in numerous places. Here are some examples as to where you can use it with great results:


• Television and radio ads
• Online ads
• Products
• Corporate videos
• Presentations and live events
• Podcasts
• Software
• On-hold
• Webinars and online products
• Training materials
• Web pages and blogs


As you can see, there are a lot of places where your sound logo can be used to strengthen your brand identity through sound.
And the best thing?
You don’t have to do a lot of things differently from what you’re doing now.
All it takes is for you to integrate your sound logo into your existing marketing materials – and by doing this you’ve just found a new way to reach and engage the senses of your target audience and make them connect with your brand.
If you have any questions about sound logos or sound branding, or if would like a custom sound logo for your brand, contact me here.

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