How to get a sound logo for your brand:


Browse the collections at the top of this page, and license them as they are. Note that they are licensed on a per-production basis.

If you want a custom sound logo that you can use throughout all your materials - and which is exclusively yours - see below:


Use the sound logos as a starting point in figuring out how you want your brand to sound. Then contact the composer of your preferred sound logo for a new composition in the same style.

You can also contact me using the form on the right for a quote on a custom-designed audio logo for exclusive use with your brand.

About Logo Sound:

My name is Asbjoern Andersen, and I've worked as a composer and music supervisor for many years. Along with my colleagues in Epic Sound, I've done custom sound branding for a number of world-leading companies - and I'd be happy to help you get the right sound for your brand. Use the contact form on the right to get in touch.

Get a custom sound logo

Contact me below for a quote on an exclusive, custom-composed sound logo for your brand:

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